HP12000CXE-W 3.8kw-280 amp Diesel Welder Generator

RRP $6800 Inc GST
Welder Generator

The ultimate in versatility, this powerful electric start generator can repair almost anything anywhere with the huge 280 amp DC welder.

Engine Model HP2V86FE
Engine Type Air Cooled VTwin Diesel Engine
Bore x Stroke 86x72
Displacement 836
Compression Ratio 20:1
Max Power 13.2kw/22hp
Fuel Consumption 320/g/kw/hr
Starting System Electric Start
Fuel Tank Capacity 16L
Oil Capacity 1.7L
Oil Type SAE 10W/30
Running Time 7.5 hrs
Rated Frequency 50hz
Rated Voltage 230v
No-load voltage 55-65
Rated Welding Voltage 26v
Max Welding Current 280amps
Rated Duty Cycle 60%
Welding Rod 2-8mm
Net Weight 230kg
Gross Weight 240kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1130x665x985